Calculate the price for Stretch wrapping with Cyklop Teknik semiautomatic- fullyautomatic machine. Stretch-wrapping pallet loads with Cyklop Teknik machine is very easy.

Cyklop Teknik wrapping programs and the Power Ecostretch (up to 400%)
Pre Stretch mean significant savings next to existing packaging solutions.
Please use the consumables calculator to see the results for yourself.
1. Input data

Wrapping program:   Base layers:
Pallet length: mm Top layers:
Pallet width: mm PPS: %
Pallet height*: mm Film thickness**: microns
Overlapping: Film price: €/kg
*min 500/ m 3000   **If PPS is 280-400% the thickness of the film is recommended to be at least 23 microns or more.

3. Calculation according
to input
4. Calculate the savings compared
to the price you are paying

Total layers: The price you are paying
now to wrap a pallet:
Total weight/pallet: g    
Price per pallet: How many pallets per year:
6. Result
Cyklop will help you to save € / pallet.
Consumable savings per year with Cyklop: €.
Note! This calculation is strictly a guideline and final result depends on film quality, machine settings, environmental conditions etc. We do not take responsibility for results obtained using the above calculation.
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