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Stretch wrapper GL 2000

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This CTR 2000 has been developed to meet ever tougher demands from industry.
The wrapper is very fast, also flexible and can handle: varying load sizes, including goods not covering the whole pallet, demands in automated storages, variable film tension in respective programme and adjustable prestretch etc.

Four different wrapping programmes for different types of goods have been pre-programmed and can be chosen manually from the operating panel or by remote control from adjacent equipment. Individual settings for every programme can easily be made by the user with function keys on the display unit. No previous knowledge of programming or special equipment required to make these settings. It is easy to calculate the cost of the film, the amount used for each pallet application is shown on the display.

The CTR 2000 has a unique system with a battery-powered film unit which means that the ring does not have a rotating power-feed, rendering the system practically maintenance-free. Recharging always takes place when the ring is at a standstill.

Capacity: Up to 120 pallets/hour
Prestretch: Up to 300% with Patent approved system from Cyklop

Pallet Goods, max:
Length: 1200 / 1400 mm Width: 1200 / 1000 mm Height: 2500 mm

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