Print GL 300

Floor frame
Stretch wrapper GL 300

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PLC-Controlled with 9 individual programs
Prestretch: Up to 400% with Patent approved system from Cyklop
All settings are available

Touch display with advanced functions. The machine is operated from the  touchpanel or  by distance with a remote control (option). The graphic interface was developed for simple change of the program parameters as well as for easy access  of  information.

Pallet Goods, max:
Lenght: Width: Height
1 200 mm 1 200 mm 2 200 mm

Key features
Easy change of all program parameters and settings.
Information about price per pallet and amount of pallets wrapped.
9 individual programs can be stored and each program can be named.
All functions of the GL 300 can be manually operated such as film patterns and film tensions.
Running banner patterns.
Secure goods for pallet, even where the goods are 100-150 mm inside the edge of the pallet.

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