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The CTT 1000 is an automatic pallet stretchwrapper with powered conveyor.
CTT 1000 is able to fulfill the highest demands regarding capacity, adaptability from customer to customer and is easy to serve and economical. CTT 1000 will become the perfect fully automatic, technical advanced wrapping station in your packaging line.

The CTT 1000 is equipped with Cyklops patented with adjustable prestretch system Patent approved system from Cyklop in eight steps up to 400%. With a programmable operating system the turn-and-lift speed, the amount of film, the wrap tension etc. can be adjusted so that it is applicable to a large variety of loads to meet your precise requirements. The complete cutting unit is designed with performance and durability in mind.

Color touch panel with graphic overview of sensor status for easy troubleshooting.

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Pallet Goods, max:
Length: 1 400 mm. Width: 1 200 mm
Height: 2 500 mm.
Stretch wrapper Stretch wrapper Stretch wrapper Stretch wrapper Dispenser Stretch wrapper PLR

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