All logotypes are in zip files (1-3 pic/zip, filetyp:eps).

True to our name: our company logo is not just simply a name but as a result of the link with Greek mythology simultaneously a synonym for strength and power that is understood in all languages.

Cyklop logotype
Color (PMS): Blue 534

Cyklop Teknik AB  Color (PMS):
Blue 534

Cyklop Ecostretch
For GL205
Color (PMS):
Blue PMS 534, Green PMS 294

Cyklop Power Ecostretch 
For GL 215
Color (PMS):
Blue 534, Green 294

Cyklop Power Ecostretch + 
For GL 300, 400, 1000 and 2000 machines
Color (PMS):
Blue 534, Green  294, Red 1795

Cyklop 3WAY-D SYSTEM For GL205/215 HS
Color (PMS): Blue 534, Green 294

Cyklop International logo 100 year (CT)
zipped .eps


New logo from 2008:
Since the end of 2003, on principle, our original logo has been supplemented by the designed claim "THE STRAPPING COMPANY". From 2008-, the logotype have been changed and uses only "Cyklop International" without the claim. As a result, we also communicate together with the trademark our core competence to all target groups with many millions of contacts per year. It is important, therefore, that every Cyklop company uses the logo on all its letterheads, advertisements, business cards, brochures and other printed matter consistently and in the correct graphic form.

Linotype Frutiger (external typeface) Arial (internal PC font)

For all printed media, such as business stationery, brochures and other printed matter, the Frutiger font family designed by the Swiss typographer Adrian Frutiger should be used as the Print font. Alongside the logo, the consistent use of this font is a really important element for a uniform perception of Cyklop by the target groups. You can probably obtain the Frutiger font family as a Linotype cut from your graphic artist or your printers.

Pantone Matching System Color Chart  Read more (Wikipedia)

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