Cyklop Tekniks patented Ecostretch technology

Stretch wrapping technology

Mechanical pre-stretch
(with gear change between rollers)

Pre stretch (gear change between rollers)
up to 210%.


  • Mechanical pre stretch gives good film economy.
  • Gear change between the rollers which determine the pre stretch is
    usually adjustable(%).
  • High pre-stretch demands good film quality, a combination that is generally
    very economical.
  • The method is used for heavy and resistant goods since the film tension is high
    and cannot be adjusted separately.
  • The high film tension causes the film to be tensioned even more after passing
    the rollers meaning that the pre-stretch measured on the goods is higher then
    the gear change between the rollers.
  • Example: 80% between the rollers give approx 120% on the goods (normal ration
    which should be lessened if the pallet goods has uneven sides and sharp edges).
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