Cyklop Tekniks patented Ecostretch technology

Motorized stretch wrapping technology

Motor powered pre stretch
(with gear change between rollers)

Pre stretch (gear change between rollers)
up to 300% 


  • Motor powered pre stretch gives possibilities for a very good film economy.
  • Possibility of very high pre stretch with good film quality.
  • With the motor it is possible to vary the film tensions between high and low ratio.
  • Low film tension is necessary when the palletised goods is sensitive, very light,
    has uneven sides, sharp edges or is considerably smaller than the pallet.
  • Normal setting of gear change: approx 150-250%.
  • Pre stretch measured on the goods is to great extent determined by
    the film tension set and can be higher but is generally lower than the gear set.
  • The most flexible system for diverse types of goods.

Explanation power pre stretch unit

  • The filmfeed is driven by a servo motor which is powered by DC current.
  • The pre stretching of the film is achieved between the two geared rollers.
  • Seven/eight (depending of machine) different pre stretch can be selected,
    up to 400%.
    Filmfeeding is set automatically from choosen value. 
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