Print CTA 1000 Fully Automatic Arm Wrapper

The Cyklop fully automatic arm wrapper system CTA 1000, eliminate the need to rotate the pallet being wrapped. Used inline with the rest of the packaging line. We can implement the machinery  for your products and needs.

Levels of automation based on long experience, extension possibilities and a large number of settings give this new series of stretch wrappers a high profit-ability through optimal adaptation to every need. These properties guarantee a good protection and transport packaging as well as the lowest possible material cost, i e a low consumption of stretch film.

Touch display with advanced functions. The graphic interface was developed for simple change of the program parameters as well as for easy access of information. Viewing of amount of film used and the price per pallets wrapped.

Capacity: up to 55 pallets/hour
Prestretch up to 400% with 
Key features:
Easy change of all program parameters and settings.
All functions of the CTA 1100 can be manually operated such as film patterns and film tensions.

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