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Stretch wrapper Twinpack
What is a TwinPack?

The TwinPack is a combination of approved Cyklop machines. The GL 215 stretch wrapper and the XP 112 MVB strapping machine have been combined in the TwinPack. The Twinpack is centrally controlled which ensures optimal operation. Equipped with the high tension sealer head CFH 1 guarantees a perfect strapping result.

The combination of the two techniques makes the TwinPack indispensable in daily despatching departments. The TwinPack allows a preselection of many different packing combinations.
Advantages at a glance:
Two in one
Two types of transport protection combined in one machine.
Flexibility with TwinPack
Demands on packing are continuosly increasing. The TwinPack makes it possible for Cyklop to fulfil these demands.
Strapping or Stretching
The customer determines the type of load protection by using the appropriate programme pre-selection (product related).
Strapping made easy
The irritaring manual and sealing disappear. The pallet is placed on the turntable, the strapping cycle is started per push button. The machine automatically straps the load according to the pre-selection.
Valuable time is saved due to automation in this area. The operator only moves the pallet once. The number of secured pallets per hour rises considerably.
Cost Optimisation
Lowering costs by using the optimal transport load protection or packaging.

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