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Cyklop Teknik aims to be a positive force in society at every level. Our sponsorship spans from supporting Childs rights in society to sponsoring local youth sports clubs.

Regarding to local sponsorship will CT choose organizations that benefit children and young people in their cultural and sporting performance. This sponsorship usually take place in the communities where our employees are located. Some sponsorship aim to increase the interest of science and engineering for children and young people.

CT does not sponsor individuals, projects that might be perceived as risky, environmentally harmful or lavishly, nor do we sponsor political activities.

BRIS (Children's Rights in Society) was formed in 1971 by the author Gunnel Linde and journalist Berit Hedeby after a three-year-old girl was beaten to death by her parents. The future of the world lies in the hands of the children of today. With contributions we can help children that live in an unsafe environment.   

"BRIS is an NGO with no party political or religious affiliations that supports children in distress and is a link between children, adults and the community. All support services build on volunteer work and financial support, primarily from corporate cooperation and private persons, and to a small extent governmental grants.

The goal of BRIS' support services is to strengthen the rights of children and young people and improve their living conditions, which is done with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a guide. BRIS shall support vulnerable children and young people in particular, and provide opportunities for children and young people to conduct a dialogue with

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The road safety campaigns start when we contact the local education authorities in each county. When we receive their approval to distribute Momentas products to schools within local districts, the sales admin. department then moves into action and organises the campaign. Our telemarketers receive information and begin to call companies within the district, inviting them to purchase the products for the campaign.

When the products have been sold, the telemarketers report back to the sales admin staff, who compile and finalise all the information. Reflectors, helmets, or vests are then packed up and sent out to schools and preschools for distribution. These products are the property of the children, not the schools. The number of products distributed depends on how large the response has been from the local companies.

Momentas Goal
Our goal is to give the children top quality helmets that give them the best protection and look good. We are able to disrtibute more than 600,000 products, helping to improve road safety fore our smallest and most vunerable road users.

Please read more about Momenta at their webpage:

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