Print CTA 300 revolving arm machine is a floor mounted stretch wrapper.

Stretch wrapper CTA 300
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The CTA 300 is an extremely robust rotary arm wrapping machine, developed with a well-proven technology. Due to extensive possibilities and a variety of settings these stretch wrapping models offer a high profitability through optimal adaptation for every requirement.  These characteristics guarantee an optimal transport protection and a reduction in packaging materials.

Prestretch: Up to 400% with Patent approved system from Cyklop
Key features
Floor mounted model
Easy change of all program parameters and settings.
9 individual programs can be stored and each program can be named.
Quiet operation
All functions of the CTA 300 can be manually operated such as film patterns and film tensions.
Extremely rigid chassis
All program parameters and settings  can be easily monitored and changed with the new colour touch screen.

CTA 400 - Galvanized 

Option: Rustproof Chassis

Pallet Goods, max:
Length: 1 200 mm Width: 1 200 mm Height: 2400 mm

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